10 Harsh Truths You Need To Accept To Live a Happy Life.

Is there something you wish you could tell your past self ?

Sometimes life lessons have to be learned the hard way and come too late.life is full of twists and turns ,and it can oftentimes be difficult to stay on top of it all the time but it’s during these times of distress ,you face growth and long-term fulfillment.

To help you live your best life, here are 10 life lessons we learn too late :

Number one :time doesn’t last forever

have you been working towards a lifelong goal? time is fleeting as you grow older you will gain more wisdom, money and memories but you will also have less time to experience it all .

aligning yourself with what you truly want can help make your time feel more fulfilling , maybe that would entail some tough sacrifices at the present moment, like stepping out of a toxic relationship or fixing a bad habit.

these sacrifices may sting but you’ll eventually grow out of the pain and enter a new happier era of your life .

Number two :you need to take the risk

do you play what-if situations constantly in your head ?

as you grow older you will start to look back and ponder on your past selves choices. people at an older age will start to reflect on whether they have lived a meaningful life.

many are at peace with the decisions they have made, but some will feel a sense of despair, and look back with feelings of regret ,shame and disappointment you may fail a couple of times , but ignore that nagging voice in your head and take that risk .

Number three : don’t act like someone you are not

do you put up a fake front in front of others so that you won’t feel out of place ?

it is normal to feel the need to fit in a crowd. it’s how our ancestors made sure they didn’t get left behind to fend for themselves ,it’s a shared human trait but if you don’t stick up for what you believe in you will live under a false masked

identity.you may end up as someone that constantly wants to please others at the expense of your own happiness.

Number four : take care of your body

 do you eat well, sleep well and regularly exercise?

remember you only have one body, your early years and habits dictate the way your health will transform and grow in the future.

 do you drink a full glass of water with your meal?

do you run or exercise ?

how about sleeping a good eight hours every night ?

build up your healthy habits now, so that your future self will be happy that you’re still healthy at 70.

Number five : don’t be too tough on yourself

do you talk negatively about yourself ?

making mistakes can be distressing at times ,especially if your mistake has negatively impacted other people.

you may resort to thinking negatively about yourself, during those moments calling yourself a failure dumb or stupid but by beating yourself down you arestructuring your mind into one that regards pessimism as your normal mindset .

a self-defeating mind can decrease your motivation worsen a sense of helplessness and even cause depression.

Number six :building strong relationships

do you have a hard time opening up even with your friends ?

people who have good relationships with family , friends and loved ones not only have fewer health problems as they age ,but they feel more fulfilled too.

fostering a positive social life can impact how your life will pan out whether you find your circle at school or work, having genuine bonds with people is one of the most important things in life.

Number seven :life throws curveballs

have you been waiting for something great to happen only for life to take it away from you?

no matter how ready you initially were sometimes plans don’t always go your way factors outside of your control could stop or hinder your plans ,and you are just left to react to them,during these moments it can be tempting to stop and give up,but while it may seem difficult to get back up, know that it will be worth it if it’s something you truly are passionate about.

Number eight: material goods don’t bring your life joy

do you live extravagantly or purchase things impulsively?

money is an important tool but it can lead many people astray,if you let it dictate you you will focus your efforts on just increasing a number in your bank account while sacrificing the things that make life truly worth it.

life is not about a new phone or that luxury bag. if you spend your time chasing after material goods you will take time away from the other parts of your life,as well reflect on what is important to you.

Number nine : don’t give up too quickly

remember when you started a good habit strong but failed to follow through after a while, you can’t achieve something without putting in the effort.sometimes this effort will last you many hours and weeks before you will truly see results , this can be daunting for many people. even causing them to stop right as their journey starts.

to kick off you don’t have to work all at once ,to get ahead and succeed in what you set yourself out to be. you just have to do small consistent steps every day, and after some time you will see your efforts bear fruit.

Number ten : be grateful every day

each moment, each day, each second that passes will not return, while some days may be hard or even months and years. life only happens once ,be grateful for the little things, and the big things and everything in between life is not always beautiful.

otherwise we would not know what separates the bad days from the good days . focus and be grateful for those good days and days that make life worth living and you will realize that your life story is not all that bad.

life is not a linear path it is full of ups , downs and in-betweens, and there is no right or wrong path without the expectations of others and money. choose the path that you feel the happiest in and don’t be afraid to take the plunge your future self will be happy you lived for your own conviction and passion .